Piano Praise - Volume 1

Piano Praise provides a full suite of products in this first volume, designed to cover any requirements you may have when singing or playing hymns (57 hymns included).  The full suite includes:

  1. CD Set - two discs containing piano accompaniment for all 57 hymns (also available as an MP3 Download)
  2. DVD Set - three discs containing piano accompaniment for all 57 hymns, plus lyrics on-screen, overlaid on stunning Australian scenery. Contains a variety of formats, including widescreen 16:9, standard 4:3, MP4 video files (with audio) and PowerPoint files (without audio). See more detail below.
  3. Music Books - high quality wire-bound music books containing the sheet music for all 57 hymns. Timing and chord arrangement matches the audio on the CDs and DVDs. Available in C, Bb, Eb and F transpositions (see more detail below).
  4. Words-only Book - a low-cost A5 booklet containing just the lyrics for all 57 hymns. Bulk discounts available.

All source music and lyrics used are in the public domain, while the recordings and sheet music arrangements are under copyright by Piano Praise.  All recordings, video and PowerPoint files on the CD Set and DVD Set may be freely used in worship services, and for home & small group use.

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Which parts of the suite do I need?  How do I use them?

Piano Praise can be used in many ways.  For example:

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1.  CD Set

The CD set contains recordings of the piano accompaniment for all 57 hymns in Volume 1, spead over two discs.  See the listing below for details.  (The numbers in brackets from song 30 onwards show the track number on Disc 2.)

Also available as an MP3 Download.

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2.  DVD Set

This set contains three DVDs.  Each disc has the same content, but in a different format:

Disc 1: PAL DVD Video - Widescreen (16:9)
Disc 2: PAL DVD Video - Standard (4:3)
Disc 3: Data DVD - MP4 Video files and MS PowerPoint files (16:9 and 4:3 files included for each)

PAL 16:9 is ideal for TV viewing.  PAL 4:3 is usually best for projection from a DVD player, while MP4 and PowerPoint files are best for projection from an attached computer.

The content on each disc includes two versions of each song:

See links in right-hand column of the listing below for samples of each format.

NOTE: If all you need to do is create your own PowerPoint files containing the lyrics, please consider using SlideGen.

NOTE: The files provided on Disc 3 are only to be used by the current owner/holder of the physical DVD disc from which these files were obtained.  You may copy these files to your computer for convenience, but they must only be used while you retain physical possession of the DVD disc.  Please support the producer and publisher of this album by not sharing or giving these files to anyone else.  In particular, please do not publish any of these files online, or share them via email or social media.  Instead, please refer people to this website so that they can obtain their own copy.

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3.  Music Books

The Music Books are designed as companions to the CD and DVD sets.  They are written to match the timing, tempo and chords used in the recordings.  They are available in the following formats:

The sheet music for each song is also available for individual purchase as a downloadable PDF.  All digital sheet music is licensed per person, and this person's name appears on the bottom of the sheet music. Please purchase a licensed copy for each person.

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4.  Words-only Book

The Words-only Book contains the lyrics for all 57 hymns, in a small easy to use A5-size 28-page booklet.  Bulk discounts are available if you are purchasing 10 or more copies.  The lyrics are also freely available for viewing on this page.

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List of Songs

Song No.Title of TuneTitle of LyricsComposerKeyVerse
LengthTune InfoSamples
1Ville du HavreIt Is Well With My SoulPhilip P. Bliss, 1876C32:58Hymnary.org16:9 PicMP3
2NicaeaHoly, Holy, HolyJohn Bacchus Dykes, 1861Db & D42:51Hymnary.org  
3MarionRejoice, Ye Pure in Heart!Arthur Henry Messiter, 1883F52:12Hymnary.org16:9 PlainMP3
4Hymn to JoyJoyful, Joyful, We Adore TheeLudwig van Beethoven, 1824G32:06Hymnary.org  
5El KaderMy Maker and My KingAnonymousC41:58Hymnary.org4:3 PicMP3
6LyonsO Worship the KingJoseph Martin KrausG42:00Hymnary.org  
7IrishO Come, Let Us Sing to the LordAnonymous, Irish folk song, 1749Eb52:03Hymnary.org  
8Anniversary SongWake the SongWilliam F. SherwinF32:47Hymnary.org4:3 PlainMP3
9LlanfairPraise the Lord, His Glories ShowRobert Williams, 1817F32:02Hymnary.org  
10MoodyMarvelous GraceDaniel B. Towner, 1910G32:32Hymnary.org  
11An die FreudePraise the Lord! You Heavens Adore HimAnonymous, 1799F31:52Hymnary.org  
12VarinaI Sing the Mighty Power of GodChristian H. Rinck, arr. by George F. RootC31:45Hymnary.org  
13SouthamptonO Worship the LordEdwin Barnes, 1886C42:02Hymnary.org  
14Lobe den HerrenPraise to the LordAnonymous, 1665F32:08Hymnary.org  
15CreationThe Spacious FirmamentFrancis Joseph Haydn, 1797G32:49Hymnary.org  
16-The Lord in Zion ReignethHart Pease DanksD32:12Hymnary.org  
17Lauda AnimaPraise My Soul, the King of HeavenJohn Goss, 1869D42:39Hymnary.org16:9 PicMP3
18Grosser GottHoly God, We Praise Your NameAnonymous, Vienna, c. 1774F31:56Hymnary.org  
19Liebster JesuBlessed Jesus, at Thy WordJohann Rudolf Ahle, 1664G31:54Hymnary.org  
20Laudate DominumO Praise Ye the LordCharles Hubert Hastings Parry, 1894Bb42:06Hymnary.org16:9 PlainMP3
21FlemmingPraise Ye the FatherFriedrich Ferdinand Flemming, 1811Ab32:01Hymnary.org  
22BelovedO Thou in Whose PresenceFreeman Lewis, 1813C42:09Hymnary.org  
23MadridCome, Christians, Join to SingAnonymous, Spanish melodyA32:08Hymnary.org  
24Duke StreetBefore Jehovah's Awful ThroneJohn Warrington Hatton, 1793D42:26Hymnary.org  
25St DenioImmortal, Invisible, God Only WiseAnonymous, Welsh melody, c. 1839G42:04Hymnary.org  
26Park StreetLord of All Being, Throned AfarFrederick M. A. Venua, 1810F52:50Hymnary.org4:3 PicMP3
27LeoniThe God of Abraham PraiseMeyer Lyon, 1770E minor31:58Hymnary.org  
28Russian HymnGod the OmnipotentAleksei Federovich L'vov, 1833D42:30Hymnary.org  
29Old HundredthAll People That on Earth Do DwellLouis Bourgeois, 1551G42:08Hymnary.org4:3 PlainMP3
30 (1)MelitaEternal Father, Strong to SaveJohn Bacchus Dykes, 1861C42:36Hymnary.org16:9 PicMP3
31 (2)Ar Hyd y NosGod, Who Made the Earth and HeavenAnonymous, Welsh melody, c. 1784G42:33Hymnary.org16:9 PlainMP3
32 (3)MearLord, in the MorningAaron WilliamsF41:36Hymnary.org  
33 (4)KremserWe Gather TogetherNetherlands melody 1626, arr. by Eduard Kremser 1877C31:49Hymnary.org  
34 (5)Wunderbarer KönigGod Himself Is PresentJoachim Neander, 1680G32:43Hymnary.org  
35 (6)German Folk TuneCan You Count the Stars?Anonymous, German melodyEb31:49Hymnary.org  
36 (7)Tallis' CanonAll Praise to TheeThomas Tallis, c. 1561G41:43Hymnary.org  
37 (8)McKeeHow Lovely Is Thy Dwelling PlaceAnonymous, arr. by Harry T. Burleigh, 1939Bb51:54Hymnary.org4:3 PicMP3
38 (9)ChautauquaDay Is Dying in the WestWilliam F. Sherwin, 1877G43:17Hymnary.org  
39 (10)-God Will Take Care of YouW. Stillman Martin, 1905Bb42:48Hymnary.org  
40 (11)St ClementThe Day Thou GavestClement C. Scholefield, 1874G42:03Hymnary.org  
41 (12)HermasOn Our Way RejoicingFrances R. Havergal, 1871G21:47Hymnary.org  
42 (13)Old 124thGod of the ProphetsLouis Bourgeois, 1551, Genevan PsalterF42:57Hymnary.org  
43 (14)Terra BeataThis Is My Father's WorldFranklin L. Sheppard, 1915, third verse arr. by David Petrie, 2017D32:07Hymnary.org4:3 PlainMP3
44 (15)Wye ValleyLike a River GloriousJames Mountain, 1876F32:54Hymnary.org  
45 (16)FinlandSing Praise to GodAnonymous, Finnish melodyC32:28Hymnary.org  
46 (17)WellesleyThere's a WidenessLizzie Shove Tourjée Estabrook, 1877Bb41:37Hymnary.org  
47 (18)St MargaretO Love That Wilt Not Let Me GoAlbert L. Peace, 1884G42:10Hymnary.org16:9 PicMP3
48 (19)St AnneO God, Our HelpWilliam Croft, 1708C52:03Hymnary.org  
49 (20)Tryggare kan ingen varaPrince of Peace, Control My WillAnonymous, Swedish folk melodyD51:44Hymnary.org  
50 (21)MerrialNow the Day Is OverJoseph Barnby, 1868A31:17Hymnary.org  
51 (22)Sicilian MarinersLord, Dismiss Us With Thy BlessingAnonymous, Sicilian melody, first pub. 1792Db21:21Hymnary.org16:9 PlainMP3
52 (23)SeymourSoftly Now the Light of DayCarl Maria von Weber, 1826Eb31:31Hymnary.org  
53 (24)-God Be With YouWilliam G. Tomer, 1880Bb43:12Hymnary.org4:3 PicMP3
54 (25)RuthGod's Free Mercy StreamethSamuel Smith, 1865Db42:41Hymnary.org  
55 (26)OmbersleyO Love of God, How Strong and True!William Henry Gladstone, 1872C52:51Hymnary.org  
56 (27)Evening PrayerSavior, Breathe an Evening BlessingGeorge C. Stebbins, 1878Ab42:06Hymnary.org  
57 (28)EventideAbide With MeWilliam Henry Monk, 1861Eb42:56Hymnary.org4:3 PlainMP3

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If you have any questions, please get in touch via email at info@pianopraise.com.au.



  • Simple software for showing slides containing song lyrics
  • Includes the lyrics for Piano Praise
  • Includes the tracks from the Piano Praise album as an in-app purchase.
  • Allows you to customise the slides to your own specifications.