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CD Set$19.99 AUD
DVD Set$29.99 AUD
Music Books$29.99 AUD each
Words-only Book   $6.99 AUD each (or $60 for 10 books)
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      CD Set  $19.99 per CD set
      DVD Set  $29.99 per DVD set
      Music Book - C  $29.99 per book
      Music Book - Bb  $29.99 per book
      Music Book - Eb  $29.99 per book
      Music Book - F  $29.99 per book
      Words-only Book  $6.99 each / $60 for 10
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All source music used is in the public domain.  These recordings may
be freely used in worship services, and for home & small group use.

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Also available from:

Better Books and Food, Cooranbong New South Wales
Better Books and Food
588 Freemans Drive
Cooranbong NSW 2265